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March 27, 2024

Updates on our patient portal & electronic health record system

There has been a lot of upheaval (and innovation) in the electronic health record space over the last few years, particularly those focused on psychiatry and mental health. If you’ve been at our practice for more than a year you might remember Luminello, which we used in the past. This company and their assets were acquired by a different company, SimplePractice, which we’ve been using for almost a year. That system has, unfortunately, not quite met our needs as well as we hoped.


So rather than delaying a positive change, we are partnering with Osmind and pushing forward a transition to a system that will make it easier to manage your care and track your progress in treatment.

What’s changing:

- We will transition from SimplePractice to Osmind for our patient portal, electronic health record (EHR), appointment management, and electronic prescribing of medications.

- You will need to activate an account with Osmind using the link you received via the email we have on file or by going to and clicking the “Activate” link.

- Once you’ve activated your portal account, you’ll need to input your credit card information using the Osmind app (iOS or Android) or at if you’re using a desktop browser.

- You will be able to see your currently prescribed medications and dosage.

- You’ll be able to see upcoming appointments and/or request an appointment and may not need to contact Dr. McNabb directly to inquire about schedule availability.

- You may receive periodic rating scales before appointments to better track symptoms (e.g., mood, anxiety, etc.) that you may complete in the app that will make it easier for you and Dr. McNabb to track progress with objective data.

What’s not changing:

- Your individualized treatment. Nothing will change with how we work together on your treatment plan and address your concerns and symptoms.


- I will continue to be available to you via text or Spruce if you have questions or concerns between appointment times.


- We will continue to use Spruce for secure patient communication and telehealth video visits. In the event of technical difficulties or login issues, we also now have the option to use Zoom as a backup.

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